What exercises does the kit contain?

There are 15 different exercises. Each exercise focuses on emotion or process.

· Exercises that focus on positive emotions - raising happiness, positive thinking, gratitude, Listening skills, Focus, awareness, and perspective.

· Exercises that help deal with negative emotions - regulating and coping worry, fear, anger, self-criticism, negative thoughts and conflict.

· Two exercises that focus on the process of change - change of behavior and reframing.

Can the exercises be delivered with other people?


Implementing the exercises with others enables an open and honest connection that can help each participant receive insights about themselves and others.

In what languages is the Liv kit?

Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Amharic, English.

Is there a connection to an app?

The kit is disconnected from technology to allow a break and focus only on the exercises.

What does Liv mean?

Liv in Nordic means "shelter" or "protection״.


We believe that everyone has the ability to change and improve their life.  

With this desire, we developed Liv. 

Our self-help exercises are based on different approaches to improving mindset and mental well-being. All exercises are based on empirical studies and are used by therapists and psychologists.

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