• Gily Maor

The world we interpret

At every moment, we explain reality to ourselves.

Our senses collect information and we organize it in a way that will help us understand the situation.

In this process, our brain is using two different brain systems that balance each other.

System 1 - Our intuition, our gut feeling.

A system that works fast, that uses the information we already have.

We rely on our expectations and beliefs to interpret the reality we perceive.

System 2 - "The analyst"

A system that develops in a slow process, collects bits and pieces of information, and combines the information altogether for a complete picture.

We all interpret reality based on the two systems. sometimes we use one system more than the other.

Which system characterizes you more?

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We believe that everyone has the ability to change and improve their life.  

With this desire, we developed Liv. 

Our self-help exercises are based on different approaches to improving mindset and mental well-being. All exercises are based on empirical studies and are used by therapists and psychologists.

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