Become Yourself Kit · Boost Your Well-Being

Become Yourself Kit · Boost Your Well-Being


The kit enables DO IT YOURSELF psychology-based tools, 

providing affordable and wide access to Mental care. 


The kit includes all the tools needed for our daily mental health. 

You can exercise by yourself, with a partner or with friends. 


What's in the kit?

- 15 booklets

- Notepad

- TA bag

- Packed in a wooden box. 

  • What's in the kit?

    ·  15 booklets

    ·  Notepad

    ·  TA bag

    · Packed in a wooden box. 

  • What is it based on?

    Liv is a self-help tool that combines different research-based theories and techniques. Each exercise is based on one of the three approaches.

    1. CBT -

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. One of the most popular techniques today. According to this approach, our emotions and behavior are influenced by our interpretation. We behave and respond according to our own behavioral habits. These interpretations can be changed and thus create a perception change.

    2. Positive Psychology -

    focuses on increasing positive symptoms versus treating and targeting negative symptoms. This approach is not focused only on the positive, but the essence of this concept is the experience of positive emotions, awareness of the good, and gratitude.

    3. Mindfulness -

    combines psychology and Buddhism. Its core focus and attention directed to what is happening in the present. This approach has also become recognized and widely used thanks to research support. 

  • Which exercise will I find in the kit?

    The tools you'll find in the Kit:

    · Behavior

    · Focus

    · Gratitude

    · Happiness

    · Active Listening

    · Perspective

    · Positive thinking

    · Reframe

    · Awareness

    · Anger

    · Conflict

    · Negative Thoughts

    · Self-criticism 

    · Worry

    · Fear

  • How does it work?

    Step 1 - Choose and exercise according to your current mood. 

    It could be a random choice or something that is bothering you right now. 

    Step 2 - Time to dive in!

    Go through the exercise step by step, in your head or in writing - whatever works for you. This is the moment for all your insights and thoughts to come up.

    Step 3 - Calm.. 

    Now you will probably feel how this issue suddenly gets a new perspective, you might feel more capable to deal with it and cope. 

  • Need Extra Explanations?

    The kit contains a tutorial so you can exercise by yourself.

    If you'd like to get a bit more instructions - contact us and we'll start our journey together.