Liv Kit · Become Yourself · Boost Your Well-Being

Liv Kit · Become Yourself · Boost Your Well-Being


The kit enables a DO IT YOURSELF psychology-based tools, 
providing affordable and wide access to Mental care. 

The kit contains 15 booklets + notebook + TA bag In a wooden box. 

15 Exercises -
· Behavior
· Focus
· Gratitude
· Happiness
· Active Listening
· Perspective
· Positive thinking
· Reframe
· Awareness
· Anger
· Conflict
· Negative Thoughts
· Self-criticism 
· Worry
· Fear



We believe that everyone has the ability to change and improve their life.  

With this desire, we developed Liv. 

Our self-help exercises are based on different approaches to improving mindset and mental well-being. All exercises are based on empirical studies and are used by therapists and psychologists.

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